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About Seabulk

Seabulk’s experience, assets, and dedication to our customers distinguishes us as an industry leader.

We deliver transport solutions for the U.S. coastwise energy and chemical, trades. We assist vessels docking in ports in the Caribbean.

Our vessel management services provide owners with safe and reliable solutions.

Our Leadership

Seabulk’s leadership team has decades of experience across the marine industry. Our insight allows us to thoroughly understand our customers’ requirements in order to deliver the best solutions possible.

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Getting to Zero Coalition Member

SEACOR is a proud member of the Global Maritime Forum’s Getting to Zero Coalition. We stand alongside 120 companies as well as governments and IGOs united in the common goal of decarbonizing the shipping sector through zero carbon technologies and sustainable alternative fuels.

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Joint Ventures

KOTUG Seabulk Maritime LLC is a strategic partnership with KOTUG International BV to extend the reach of our marine and coastal logistics and transportation services.

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Seabulk offers rewarding opportunities in a wide range of shore-based and seafaring roles.

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We're Part of the SEACOR Family

Seabulk is one of a group of marine transportation and logistics companies owned by SEACOR Holdings Inc. (“SEACOR”).

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