Carbon offset initiative announced by Seabulk

Featured Article Mar 09 2020

Seabulk has announced it will participate in a USA-based 2020 carbon offset initiative to neutralize and reduce carbon emissions during 22,000 harbor assists carried out in ports throughout Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas.

With the addition of four new tugs, two are set to be hybrid vessels that will feature a diesel mechanical engine and an electric propulsion system to improve fuel economy. All the tugs have been designed to become fully battery-capable in the future, but for now the company hopes that the new fleet will mean a 70% reduction in nitrogen oxide and particulate matter during this year’s operations. Seabulk also operates some of the country’s most fuel-efficient deep-sea vessels.

Daniel Thorogood, president, said, “At Seabulk, we are focused on reducing our environmental footprint with all available tools, including innovations that improve operational efficiencies, as well as investing in the cleanest technologies, such as our four new harbor tugs.”

Read the full article written by Callum Brook-Jones on Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International's website here.

Date released: Mar 09 2020